Providing the Right Solutions

Superior coverage and outstanding claims service are just a few of the benefits enjoyed by our members. The Ohio Municipal Joint Self-Insurance Pool provides municipalities and their public officials, employees and volunteers with the right solutions for risk management and loss control.

About Us

The Ohio Municipal Joint Self-Insurance Pool (OMJSP) was established in 1987 with the goal of providing member municipalities coverage in the areas of general liability including public officials, police, firefighters, EMS, auto liability and property. OMJSP provides risk management and loss control services through seminars, on-site surveys of exposures and special safety programs.

Within the terms of the participation agreement, OMJSP is a risk-sharing system whose members agree to make a contribution sufficient enough to pay expenses, claims and a surplus donation. It is an unincorporated, statutory entity that is tax-exempt, and managed by its member municipalities.

Members are solely Ohio municipalities. OMJSP is administered by the JWF Specialty Company and governed by a Board of Trustees from member municipalities, elected by written ballot or appointed by the Board. OMJSP and the Ohio Municipal League are separate legal entities.

OMJSP Administrators

Thomas C. Dickman, Vice President
Don M. Howe, Vice President of Claims
Nick Anthony, Senior Underwriting Specialist

JWF Specialty Company

600 E. 96th St
PO Box 40996
Indianapolis, IN 46240-0996
Fax 317-574-7864

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